10 Reasons Why Kids Love Camp

Going to camp for the first time can be a big deal for kids as well as parents. For some, it’s their first time away from mum and dad. Yet the research and evidence shows that sending kids to camp is one of the most fruitful and beneficial things you can do for them. If you’re on the fence, here are 10 reasons why kids, and even you, will love camp.

Kids love Camp

  1. Memories are made at camp

Magical memories, that don’t involve mum or dad. Having experiences away from home builds confidence in kids and an independent spirit.

  1. Time away is time to thrive

Kids flourish in a camp environment. Away from parents and the pressures of school, they grow in self-reliance, respect and responsibility. They get to make decisions for themselves, without the guidance of parents or teachers, and develop their identity.

  1. Fostering spunk in kids since forever

Fortitude, grit, backbone…whatever you want to call it, kids get this in bucket loads at camp. They get to step outside their comfort zone, try new things and see that even with setbacks, they will eventually succeed.

  1. Technology detox

Camp gets kids more active and social. By unplugging technology, kids interact more with their environment and engage in creative thinking. They eat and sleep better and have greater focus. It’s green time, not screen time and its something that camp does well.

  1. Reconnecting with nature

Studies show being in nature boosts concentration, aids creative play and improves health and wellbeing. It can even reduce stress. Daily exposure to the green outdoors also nurtures naturally brighter children too.  That’s a win-win in any parents’ books.

  1. Best friends are made at camp

For kids, the chance to play with other kids is one of the best things about camp. Along the way, they also cultivate emotional and social skills that build character and bolster confidence and self-esteem. Some kids even make friends for life.

  1. Just like riding a bike

With so many activities on offer, camp gives kids the chance to try a variety of activities and discover what they like to do. It’s also the perfect environment to learn and develop skills that will stay with them for life.

  1. If at first you don’t succeed

With every new experience and activity, kids at camp learn that success comes from determination and persistence. And this builds confidence that stays with them in the classroom, on the sports field and throughout life.

  1. Active, all day long

It’s all go, go, go at camp. From sun up to sun down, kids can take part in an endless number of activities and games that get them off the couch and outdoors being active.

  1. Unstructured play

When kids play, they get to tap into their creativity. They learn to relax and how to handle stress and conflict. It’s empowering and a great self-teacher.

Camp delivers so many direct and indirect benefits that parents who are at first reluctant, often become its biggest advocate. Seeing kids return from camp, full of vim and vigour and that little bit more grown up is a heartening thing for a parent. Knowing that some kids will cherish these memories for life? Priceless.


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