Being Mom Plan Yourself The 1st Birthday Party of Your Kid

First Birthday is very special whether it is in your own life or in the life of your kid. Though your baby is not going to ever remember this day of his life but there will be a point when it will become very important for them to know and think how you celebrated their first birthday.

mama planning babies birthday party

Though everyday of life is a celebration however, nothing can be compared to the 1st birthday. It is always special, unique and thus should be celebrated accordingly with great party supplies.

Steps to be followed to celebrate the first birthday of your kid include:

  1. Decide early whether you plan for any birthday party themeĀ or want to have it simple. A themed party makes it easy and flexible for you to go for planning accordingly. You can go for the decoration and birthday supplies as per the theme. A blue for the boys and pink for the girls is a great option to go for. However, any theme could work, whether you opt for a jungle safari, princess party, animal party, fashion party or just anything. It is just important that being a mom you plan everything perfect.
  2. You can even organize a cake or make a cake matching your theme party well. It looks amazingly great to see a good combination of cake and theme party.
  3. Party favours are a great way to terminate your party. Use goodies bags which match the theme of your party by shopping online cheaply or by getting cheap kids party supplies. A simple search with the keyword kids favour, party supplies could give you the desired results.
  4. Personalise the invitation which you create for the guests. Make the invites as creative as possible to fit the theme of your party.
  5. Choose the best entertainer for the kids while summing up the 1st birthday party supplies for your kid. Hire a professional entertainer who could add a lot of amusement and value to your part and make it mesmerizing for everyone present there.
  6. Yes, photographs, take lot of pictures, as one day your kid will see these and remember the best phase of his life what his mom did for him. As kids grow older these memories are the only thing left. So take lots and lots of pictures.
  7. Keep a good supply of food, especially kid’s food. Pizza, burger, cold drinks are the favourite food for all the kids. Maintain your catering keeping in mind the food loved by your kid.
  8. Thus, right from the luncheon plate to the glasses, everything should be selected keeping the taste of your baby in mind. Find his favourite cartoon character and design a complete theme part based on it.


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