Enjoy the combo travel packaging with a Swiss-Italy-Paris package

Dubai city, the shoppers’ heavenly haven and the most sought-after place in the world for a wide variety of attractions is also a host to numerous travel agencies that take the Dubai citizens for a ride around the world with extraordinary special packages enthralling tourists from all over the world. One of such spectacular packages to mention was the Swiss and italy package from Dubai, for instance, takes the traveller to the most scenic destinations of both Switzerland and Italy combined without missing a single spot. Similarly one can also visit Paris also in combo to a Swiss tour package as there is a lot of demand from tourists for this kinda potpourri packages.

Paris and Switzerland are the two most loved tourist destinations by the global tourists as the bewitching scenic beauty, remarkable locations and architectural spectacles of these beautiful places are in the words of a regular traveller are something that has to be seen by the eyes and

felt by the heart. The Switzerland and paris package from Dubai is going to be one such true feast for the traveller’s eyes as they get plenty of opportunities to be doused in the snow-clad splendour and greenery of nature at the world’s beauty spot of Switzerland.

The highpoints of the Swiss-Paris Tour package


Dubai tourists as part of any Switzerland and paris package from Dubai will get to witness some of the high points as part of their itinerary:

  • Participate in Paris city tour and see all the architectural marvels of the city
  • Cruise though Sienna river and enjoy the glimpses of the city’s landmarks
  • Participate in different activities organised at Disneyland
  • Go for a boating and enjoy the beauty of Rhine waterfalls from different spots
  • Hop on to Mt. Titlis and enjoy the 360-degree view of snow paradise
  • Visit Jungfraouch Mountain – the UNESCO Heritage Site

What’s best in the Swiss-Italy combo package?

Brimming with a bevvy of options, one of the most enjoyable places to have one’s Valentine’s Day celebrations to its utmost joy is Italy. Couples can appreciate their love for one another with many attractions in the country with some of the following breathtaking sites:

Venice – The city doesn’t need any introduction as a place of natural romance and beauty. With winding canals, gondola rides on the waterway and narrow streets, picturesque squares, one will be enjoying the charm of the area in all aspects.

Verona – Verona, the city that witnessed the tragic play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is one of the most popular towns in the country to go on Valentine’s Day. One can visit Juliet’s house and can even touch the bronze statue of her to bring luck on their love life.

Rome – One can explore the city at their own pace on an extensive hop on hop off itinerary of a Swiss and italy package from Dubai through the heart of Rome. The buses are open top which allows enjoying full 360-degree panoramic views as one travels along the city routes.


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