Give your Toddlers a Good Educational Base with Wii U ‘Now I know my ABCs’

A good interactive educational game sets up a good academic base for your kid. In today’s time, when every next kid talks about gadgets, gaming and apps, setting up learning games is quite an option. Purchasing a video game or gadget of their choice is a must for you.

learn abc

But, you can make this purchase all the more productive by educating them in a smarter way. Right before getting your kids admitted in the kindergarten, you need to make them familiar with ABCs. And a constructive way to do is through homeschooling. So, all the young kids and naughty toddlers, the Nintendo Wii U presents you with “Now I Know My ABCs. The game is one of the best educational games for your child.

Yes, the Nintendo, Now I Know My ABCs is an exciting and funny way to make your kids familiar with the English alphabets. It is a remarkable idea to make your kids learn the alphabet in a digital manner. A manner of their interest which is not just fun for the kids, but also interesting! With the Wii U Gamepad touchscreen, your kid can easily write every alphabet in lower as well as uppercase.

This way the kid doesn’t just recognizes every letter, but also gets familiar with its writing style. Every letter has been accompanied with a color. Thus, it gives the kid an eye over all the major colors and he/she can eventually recognize them, even before you teach them about it.

Right when you press the icon, your little toddler gets to hear the pronunciation of the letters too. So, it isn’t just a writing game, but a reading one too. And, it doesn’t end here. With every letter typing, the kids are encouraged with a positive reinforcement. Thus, with these teaching games, your kids will not just turn smarter, but also show a deep interest in their studies too.

It is a terrific idea to be included in schools too. The Wii U video game for schools will be a remarkable inclusion for the teachers as well as the kids. The kindergarten kids will find it quite simple and easy to recognize the alphabets, read them properly and write them on their own. Make your kids learn the alphabet in a way they want to. You simply cannot force the little champions of today. Learn ABCs and get smarter in a digital manner. It is simply the best gift you can give your growing genius.


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