Hyderabad Weather – Monthly Weather Of February

Hyderabad Weather: Telangana, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh undergo a blend of both tropical and semi-parched atmosphere.

Hyderabad weather is nicely warm consistently. However, winters are for the most wonderful with a slight drop in the temperature.

During the time of February daytime temperatures will normally achieve highs of around 32°C that is around 90°F. During the evening the normal minimum temperature drops down to around 19°C, that is 66°F. Summer (March to May) is seriously warm with temperature constantly over 30°C and taking off as high as 45°C. You can easily check today’s weather in the summer season. Winter from November to February is charming with temperature is enjoyable between 22°C to 14°C.

The monsoon season in Hyderabad begins from the end of June to early October. The Southwest storm gets 75% of the rain in Hyderabad. The climate of Hyderabad amid this time is lovely as the temperature drops marginally. The region gets a normal of 810 mm of rain yearly. Amid the month of September, the region gets maximum of the rain.

Winter in Hyderabad begins from the period of October to mid-February. Hyderabad winters are very lovely with the temperature never dropping too low. The days amid winters are brilliant and bright and evenings are somewhat cold. The normal temperature amid winter is around 20-24° C. Once in a while the temperature likewise drops to 12 to 13° C. If we will check as per the December was said to be the coldest. Just like happened in the year 2017, this year was historic.

The best time to visit Hyderabad is amid the month of October to February. Hyderabad climate amid these months is charming and quiet, best for sightseeing and trips.


The information introduced underneath gives nitty-gritty historical month to month normal climate conditions alongside exceptional climate events. To keep up significance to current weather trends the showed information has been figured utilizing data collected in the course of recent decades. The atmosphere profile is taken from a nearest accessible information source to Hyderabad.

Relative Humidity:

The normal day by day relative humidity for February is around 47%.

Comfort Levels: Solace Levels:

Given maximum temperatures and humidity levels alert is prompted. Drowsiness is conceivable with delayed exposure and additionally physical activity for those in high hazard groups of conceivable warmth issue.

Estimated Hours of Sunshine per Day:

After calculate daylight hours every day by the used of the past forecast information. For February expect that the sun will sparkle for a normal of 10 hours for every day. But the researchers make it easier for the people to check What is the weather outside!


The normal daily wind speed in February has been around 7 km/h, that is identical to around 4 mph or 4 hitches. In the recent years, the maximum maintained wind speed has come to 37 km/h, that is what might as well be called around 23 mph, or 20 knots.


In the month of February isn’t influenced by foggy conditions.


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