Scary and Exciting Lord of the Rings Costumes for Kids

Halloween theme is a great fun for both, kids as well as adults. The fun commences from the start of the day. Perhaps a great part of the Halloween party is actually the costume your make your child wear for the occasion. Some creative parent utilise this opportunity and design homemade costumes for their kids as per their creative skills. However, if you have shortage of time or you are not so much into designing of clothes, then you can purchase a creative costume for your kids.

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If you have no hint of which costume would suit your child the most, then go for Lord of the Ring costumes. As all the characters of the movie are well known by the people and every costume from the film is unique and simply outstanding in looks. It may have been a while and you would have lost track of the character in the movie and their costumes, so here is a gist of the characters and the costumes they adorn in the movie. Select the one which suits your kids the most for the Halloween party.

1. Frodo: A hobbit by nature and the main character of the story. The ring is offered to him by his uncle and it is his duty to destroy it.
2. Sam: He is the best friend of Frodo and a hobbit by nature. He accompanies Frodo on his mission to wreck the ring.
3. Gandalf: A wizard by nature tasked to safeguard Frodo on his mission. He is one who convinces Frodo to take up the mission and damage the ring.
4. Aragorn: the kind of Rohan and travelling mate of Frodo. Once the ring is damaged he marries Arwen, the elf woman
5. Gollum: A hobbit by nature who becomes a pathetic monster under the influence of the ring. He betrays Frodo to acquire his control on the ring.

The Lord of the Rings costumes showcases a vibrant costume graph. Right from elves to hobbits, monsters to wizards, and the story has everything to offer you for a perfect Halloween party. A perfect theme with amazingly supportive costumes! However, you can make your costume all the more attractive by accompanying it with small props. For instance, for the costume of Gollum, you can easily add a ring to your accessories. If you dress up your kid as Legolas, then give him a bow and arrow made of cardboard.


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