Tricycle Models You Can Call Trikes

When a child grows up to 9 months and start walking gradually they become more and more energetic. From 9 months to 3 years kids have various experiences to explore new everyday. It’s necessary to divert their energy in something interesting. When children find nothing interesting to do they mostly create havoc in the house by mischievous activities. Why don’t you surprise them with a tricycle? This is the amazing tool which can be adjusted with the growth of a child. It’s fun for child to ride a tricycle inside a house. Later you can convert into motorcycle and children can have fun at their backyard.

Difference Between tricycle and bicycle

For small kids only two options are there tricycle and bicycle. Tricycle gives more safety rather than bicycle. Tricycle for kids is amazing toy to give them self confidence and entertainment. When a child starts walking on their own tricycle gives them balanced ride. Bicycle is good after 3 years but before this age tricycle suits best to your child. Tricycle are designed in less height so child can learn without fear of falling. Bicycle is rather designed in height and child need support to catch balance on it. Tricycle is indoor toy while bicycle needs more space to run. Tricycle have various options to attach horns, seats and toys while bicycle have less decorative place.

Kinds of tricycle

The market is full of surprising toys for kids, among all pedal driven toys attracts child very much. You can buy tricycle, bicycle, truck and cars all available in pedal driven or battery operated mode. Tricycle for kids are best when you choose pedal driven because battery operated tricycle makes your child idle. When child try to visit here and there in the whole house it built self confidence and physical activity helps in digesting food properly. Some children don’t like to do outdoor activities. Such children use to lye before television or mobile in their hands. Research says that children with less physical activity are less socialise.

Features of tricycle

Latest models of tricycle comes in many colour, size and designs. These models have adjustable seating options and you can change attachments to give different look with the growth of child. 3 in 1 trikes is best for children till the age of 3 years. Up to 5 years 360 caster trikes is suitable, it’s more advanced and comprised design for growing children. This trike runs very fast so knee pad, helmet and elbow pad is advisable. Most pedal powered trikes, tractors and cars models are backyard friendly. Children Up to 3 years like to enjoy outdoors so trikes is best option. All pedal operated toys should be driven by child nobody should push from behind. Such act can cause imbalance and child may cause injury. It’s fun to ride a trikes but being a parent’s it’s your duty to assure your child’s safety first.  Never bring standard designs for your little toddlers under age of 3. Choose the model of trikes, car or tractor according to the age group of your child.


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