What To Expect from a Medical Alcohol Detox Program at a Houston Addiction Treatment Facility

Seeking professional addiction treatment and advice is the first and most crucial action you or a loved one can take toward recovery from and alcohol use disorder (AUD). It’s encouraging that you’ve made the choice to beat your AUD. It may not be easy, but it’s essential if you want to enhance your living standards.

According to the NIAAA, alcohol use disorder is commonly characterized by being unable to cut down on alcohol despite experiencing negative effects in personal life, at workplace, or physical health. AUD affects an estimated 15 million individuals in the United States.

Addiction treatment is available for everyone, no matter how bad your addiction seems or how hopeless you feel. More progress has been achieved in the previous several decades in the treatment of addiction, giving patients a higher probability of long-term recovery than in the past. Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating AUD, medically supervised detox programs, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, and follow-up programs are commonly required in the designing of a comprehensive treatment plan. Each patient at Skyward Treatment Center receives a customized treatment plan based on the latest scientific research and clinical data. Our professional staff is enthusiastic about assisting you in your recovery and will do everything it takes to see you through.

What To Expect from a Medical Alcohol Detox Program

Medical alcohol detox is often the initial step in alcohol addiction therapy. Although the detox duration varies from one individual to the other and is also influenced by the body’s tolerance, it usually takes anywhere from three to five days while under this degree of care. While at a medical alcohol detox facility, you will be closely monitored throughout the withdrawal period to guarantee your safety.

Is the constant surveillance necessary? We can point to two explanations. First, the possibility of overdosing increases drastically during detox. It is important for an individual to ensure they have access to emergency medical care in case they overdose during detox. The second is that it will offer you the much-needed comfort. The severity of withdrawal symptoms varies from person to person but be assured that you will be supported and cared for while you go through this challenging time in your recovery.

Our medical detox program also has another key advantage. Alcohol is considerably more accessible at home and experiencing the ugly withdrawal symptoms can lead to a relapse. However, a medical detox offers a drug-free, safe and supportive atmosphere ensuring that there is practically no chance of recurrence.

Skyward Treatment Center is Renowned for Its Premier Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options.

Medical alcohol detox is the first and most important phase in addiction recovery. However, its not enough to guarantee a long-lasting alcohol addiction recovery. Our patients must commit to a lengthy treatment program to have any chance of making a full and lasting recovery from alcoholism after finishing the medical detox program. As a result, they will be able to maintain their sobriety and experience greater contentment. Please contact Skyward Treatment Center’s Houston facility’s admissions personnel for more queries regarding our addiction treatment programs or to book an appointment.


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