6 HR Tech Features – To Reduce Employee Attrition

One of the significant problems faced by organizations today irrespective may find itself without a motivated and productive workforce. What makes it harder for the organization is losing good employees and the need to go an extra mile when it comes to the time and cost involved in  acquiring new talent.

Employees are your best brand ambassadors

Unfortunately, micromanagement is prevalent in India’s work culture. However, it is something the new generation does not find attractive. Due to such practice,  millennials are frequently switching jobs, be it corporates or startups.  Therefore, it makes sense to have some strategies in place to conserve your best talent.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the various functionalities of an HRMS software that organizations can leverage to arrest attrition

1)Effective Onboarding

Make sure your HRMS software has an impactful onboarding module in place. The onboarding process should be simple yet extensive enough for the new joiners to understand the organization’s culture, its values, and the responsibilities of their role & its impact on organizational growth.

2)Identify high-performing employees

The best practice that could be done here is to identify high performers in the team who deserve to be applauded and rewarded for their work and serve as a motivation for the entire team. This motivates every employee to work hard and get recognized which further enhances the compensation and performance management frameworks.

3)Talent Management

A good workforce needs an even better performance management framework to boost constant upskilling endeavors. The robust and continuous feedback mechanism can make this more feasible and efficient. One key objective of talent management is to provide the employees with a sense of purpose and meaning in the workplace. There is a software called as talent management software that tracks the performance history and roadmap of every employee to help them scale with the organization.

4) Feedback


The fundamental objective of feedback is to create a culture of appreciation and understanding within the organization. .The right up to date feedback makes the employee feel that his work is not going unnoticed. The HRMS platform paves the way for these feedbacks. When the employee is known that his work counts, it makes him more responsible for it and in turn feels a broader sense of responsibility towards the organization thus reducing employee attrition

5) Encourage Social Connections

On an average, an Indian employee spends over 8-9 hours per day at work for about five days a week. To make sure that the employees don’t get tired of monotonous nature of work, it is highly recommended to encourage healthy social connections at work which in turn, helps to create a friendly work environment and helps retain your best talent. Internal social networking platforms in any organization help the employees to get to know each other better. These social connections can also help employees to drive innovation within the organization and plan a different kind of events and exercises to stay connected and happy

6) The right interface

As the HRMS is a software that every employee uses, make sure to have an easy to use the system in place. Having the right interface makes it much easier for the employee to navigate and simplifies processes for them.

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