Different Types Of Cladding

As we all know, nowadays Cladding has set its root and it becomes very popular, it is exterior which is getting used on finishing skin or it is bearing layer which serves a dual purpose. This cladding looks very beautiful on buildings and as we as that it protecting the interiors of the house and it is also protected harsh weather elements but also makes the outside will look decorative and attractive. The cladding is exceptionally strengthened and powerful and it will last for a very long time.

Stone cladding

Stone cladding will give a natural stone look but it will give a look of style and elegance to your walls. It will look beautiful for both interior and exteriors, to give your home a brilliant earthy and rustic look, stone cladding uses thin layers of natural or faux stone.

Wood cladding

Wood cladding will give your home a stunning façade and it will give a brilliant look. It’s also a great way to protect your home from the heat and other elements. It looks perfect for both interiors and exteriors when this Exterior cladding placed it is placed individually and protects the structural integrity of your house. It extremely strengthens and high energy, wood cladding will make your home a peaceful and quiet haven.

uPVC cladding

It is also one if the type of cladding called uPVC cladding it requires absolutely zero maintenance. It is not a time-consuming painting or repairs. It is Ideal for both internal and external walls, it is not suitable for every kind of home but it doesn’t get damaged by weather elements.

Glass cladding

As you might have seen this type of cladding, most of the building is having these Glass claddings, it will transform your building exteriors with a perfect customization and design options. Glass always impresses but it is cost effective and economical.it is one of the most used ACP cladding design, and it is available in different shape, design, composition, and size.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP)

This is one type which is known for its lightweight, Aluminium composite panels manufacturers it is frequently used for external cladding as it’s very strong despite its light weight. Moreover, it protects from weather and UV resistant facilitates. Its customization is available in colors, prints, patterns, and shading. It is in varying thickness levels.

Ceramic cladding

It is one of the acp cladding design called Ceramic cladding solutions, it has been around for many years and it is one of the most used and architects first choice around the world when it comes for decorative purposes. It is also lightweight and requires low maintenance. It also protects from superior resistance to chemical and atmospheric attacks from pollution, acid rain, and smog.

Porcelain cladding

Porcelain cladding is widely used product of aluminum composite panel manufacturers as it is mostly for external cladding because of its outstanding properties. This one will provide extremely strong and its surface is tougher than granite or steel, it can be scratch and rubbed and else it might be better to say that, it can be damaged easily. When it comes to its durability, it’s tough and extremely strong and does not accumulate surface dirt. It is cost-effective, low-maintenance, hard-wearing surfaces.


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