Know Everything About SSC CGL Exam

There are so many candidates who will be applying for SSC CGL Exam, but when it comes to the appearance in Examination, then the required attendance is only 36 percent. And yes, In the year 2016 the CGL Exam has seen 35 lakh candidates who registered and only 14 lakh were actually appear in the exam.

High Profile Jobs: SSC CGL Exam is the gateway for getting into High Profile Jobs in the Central Government Departments and Ministries of India. If you successfully qualifies the CGL Exam then you can be appointed as an Income Tax Inspector, Auditor, Sub Inspector in CBI, Officer in Excise and Customs Departments and other several posts. The candidates can refer to cgl test series to qualify in this exam.

Salary Structured: the major reason that adds up to the popularity of SSC CGL Exam is its Salary Structure. All the SSC posts Pay-Scale is very impressive. And for Group B post, the candidates will get a monthly salary as high as Rs 5200 and also for Group C posts the salary ranges from Rs 28000 to Rs 36000. Click here for online test series for ssc cgl tier 1.

Job Safety : another major thing which adds up is job safety. Unlike the Private Jobs during the recessions and Job cuts, it is not same in Central Government Jobs. if you once got an appointment and even if your track record remains good and then you will complete the service upto 60 years which is Retirement Age without any much difficulty.

Equal Opportunities: the SSC CGL strives for making the equal participation for all sections of the society which is the reason that there is relaxation for the Reserved category candidates. furthermore, the SSC encourages equal participation of women in the CGL Exam and they also have exempted women from the applications fee payment. The women candidates can refer to online test series for ssc cgl 2016 to get qualified in the exam.

Vacancies: now you might have already applied for CGL Exam in the past and you might be very near to selection but still you were not selected because of the few vacancies. But now in 2017 CGL Exam, there are number of vacancies available for the SSC CGL candidates and also there is an increase in the applications as well. The SSC have never seen this many applications till date but the good news is there are more number of job vacancies available to beat the competition. You can refer to SSC coaching institute to get qualified in this exam.

Simplified Syllabus and Pattern : for the candidates who will be worried from the side of Exam Syllabus and pattern then those candidates don’t need to worry as the SSC Exam pattern and Syllabus is very much simplified now. And there are General Subjects Like Maths, Reasoning, English and General Awareness.

So these were the top reasons why you should apply for the SSC CGL Examination in 2017.


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