What does a wasp sting look like and for how long does it last?

If you have noticed a big number of wasps near your home or found a nest, then the first thing is to immediately call the professionals. Inoculand Environmental Services offer wasp removal services and prevention remedies to get rid of wasps and their nest and prevent their return.

Reasons why wasps sting

The major reason wasps’ sting is because they feel threatened by humans. It is their defense mechanism against human. There are two kinds of stings:

Protection: Just like other animals, a female wasp wants to protect herself and her home from getting attacked, so she stings in defense.

Agitation: If a wasp gets annoyed because of the consistent waving of hands or newspaper, they may get agitated, feel threatened and bite.

What does a wasp sting look like?

When you get stung, it will be very painful, but you will not see much of it on the skin. You may notice a small puncture wound along with a dot of blood. However, after some time, the area will turn red and swell.

When the raised welt appears, you will notice a small white mark at the center. It is the place where stinger penetrated your skin.

The wounded area will be painful to touch and will get swollen. Allergic reaction may lead to severe swelling and other signs which can be dangerous.

If you are stung by a wasp and you have breathing issues, or the pain is extremely high, then go for instant medical attention.

For how long does it last?

Usually it depends on the reaction it has caused on the person. If someone is sensitive to insect stings, they may have pain and swelling for several days. For some, it may just last for as less as three days. If you experience pain for more than 3 days, then seek medical attention.

What is wasp nest removal cost?

Usually the task is best left to professionals to deal with.  As wasps are aggressive beings and can easily get provoked, you should let the exterminatory handle them. The wasp nest removal cost depends on the accessibility of the nests. Also, you have different control treatments depending on what species of wasps are present in your house.

For low end treatment with easy to access areas, the wasp nest removal cost could be $350-450. On the other hand, for complex extermination which need more equipment, skill and experience, the cost will be around $450 to $1000.


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