3 Easy Baby Food Recipes You Should Make in January

If you are looking for great seasonal baby food recipes you can easily make during the month of January, look no further. These three great meals will allow you to put some seasonal variety into your baby’s diet. The best part is they are easy to manage with the BÉABA Babycook® baby food maker. All these recipes are perfect for babies 6 months and older.

Below are discussed the three meals which will make it easy for you to know about them and go for them for your kid. No doubt they are good for your kid and fully healthy. You will love to get them prepared and your kid will love to have them.

  1. Squad Melody Puree

The ingredients for this dish are simple. Just mix butternut squash, acorn squash, and yellow squash together in equal portions. Season them to taste with butter and Italian seasonings as they cook, and use the instructions in the Babycook® book to help you find the right cooking times for the quantity of puree you are making.

  1. Apple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Surprise

Tired of plain old applesauce? Make a winter dish that’s both tasty and healthy by combining sweet potatoes and apples to make a new puree with a touch of cinnamon and sugar. For portions, you will want to use approximately four parts apple to two and a half parts sweet potato. Let them steam together in your baby cooker and steamer, and season with cinnamon and just a hint of natural cane sugar.

  1. Acorn Squash Grain Porridge

This recipe requires the grain and rice insert for your Babycook®, but it is well worthwhile. Mix together equal weights cooked quinoa and acorn squash and let them steam cook together. Add in butter and a little extra water, and you have a delicious soft grain porridge your baby will love. Experiment with winter squash or butternut to find the perfect flavor combinations when you want variety, and this recipe can become three or four dishes.

All three of these recipes make use of January’s great seasonal produce varieties, helping you adjust baby’s diet as the seasons change. For more information about the Babycook® baby food machine or accessories to go with it, contact BÉABA today. Check it out today and go for it. You can learn more about it by checking it out online and evening checking out the reviews.


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