5 Exotic Places To Spend Time With Your Lover In Switzerland

For a generally little, landlocked country, Switzerland contains a remarkable amount of natural beauty and cultural variety—with four official languages and all the assortment they represent. These five towns spread the nation over show the best Switzerland has to offer concerning breathtaking mountain view, flower-lined nature ways, lakefront magnificence, and beautiful historical centers.


Framed by the Aare river, the Swiss capital of Bern lies in the west-central part of the nation. Its enchanting Old City is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is known for its medieval arcades and many 16th century fountains that feature painted figures, including the curious “Child Eater Fountain” (Kindlifresserbrunnen). Bern brags one of the world’s most significant collections of the art & artist Paul Klee, housed in the Zentrum Paul Klee—planned by famous

Italian architect Renzo Piano. You can visit this beautiful town with your lover, all you have to do is get Switzerland tour package from Dubai & explore this beautiful historic art.


Set 1,650 meters above ocean level in the Lower Engadine mountains of the Graubünden canton, Guarda is a little remote town whose perfectly painted 17th-century houses have been precisely remodeled, acquiring it the Wakker Prize for protection of its building legacy. The setting of the popular kids’ book Schellen-Ursli (1945) by Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet, Guarda has additionally protected traditional traditions like the Chalandamarz occasion in March. Most of the town’s population still speak Romansch—Switzerland’s fourth official language after German, French, and Italian. Contact the best travel agency & book tour packages from dubai to switzerland to have fun with your partner.


This beautiful town is in central Switzerland; Lucerne is a lovely old city on Lake Lucerne best to enjoy by walking, where you can walk around prettily painted historical houses, for example, those in the central Weinmarkt Square with your partner. However, the city does also have a modern edge side, exemplified by the architecturally impressive KKL (Culture and Convention Center) planned by French architect Jean Nouvel, and amazing Alpine terrain remains easily accessible by cableways up to the Pilatus, Rigi, or Stanserhorn mountains. Get Switzerland tour package from Dubai & visit this town with your loved one.


Montreux is a beautiful resort located on a long span of Lake Geneva in the French-speaking southwestern part of the country. The quays of Montreux offer miles of lakeside walking, surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees and framed by excellent views of the Alps out of sight. The mansion, which was initially worked by the House of Savoy, has enlivened artistic works by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Lord Byron. The social occasions are similarly impressive, as the town has the Montreux Jazz Festival at the beginning of July—the second most significant annual jazz festival in the world. You don’t want to miss this, get tour packages from dubai to switzerland & enjoy this festival.


A ferry trip far from Lugano, Morcote is the prettiest town along Lake Lugano’s shoreline. The little former fishing town is into a slope that offers charming alleys to explore as well as beautiful vistas of the lake, with the bell tower of its explore Santa Maria del Sasso Church. The mood reflects its area in the Italian-talking canton of Ticino, and its Parco Scherrer offers a colorful collection of Mediterranean and Asian flora and architectural touches like Greek sculptures, an Egyptian sanctuary, and even a Siamese tea house, also all panoramic views.

These are five exotic places to visit with your loved one; this place includes cultural heritage sites, beautiful shorelines, lakeside walking, a historical museum designed by the best architectures & much more.


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