Birth Control Shots And Side Effects

Today contraceptive pills are most common form of birth control that is widely used by women all over the world. Besides these pills there are other forms of birth control that are available and being used. One such form is birth control shots.


Birth control shots are also an effective way for birth control. It is a type of progesterone which is given to women in the form of injection. It is given every three months so as to prevent ovulation and fertilizing the egg. By this pregnancy can be easily avoided as per the need of women and couples.

Birth control shots or progesterone injection is given either in upper arm or at buttocks. It should be taken within the first seven days of the periods. One of the best reasons why these birth control shots are preferred is that it can be also given to the lactating women who breast is feeding their child. As pills are not recommended for these women, shots can be the best option for them.

Effectiveness and Side Effects of Birth Control Shots

Birth control Shots are highly effective and considered as one of the best option for birth control. For women who are not recommended to use pills, this is most effective.

One of the best parts of birth control shots is that its effects are reversible. Women willing to get pregnant can easily get pregnant within a period of 4 months to 18 months after they have stopped taking the shots.

On one hand where this birth control option is considered best, there are some doubts regarding the efficiency of these shots. According to the survey and researches these are effective for about ninety percent of the women.

Care has to be taken while using these methods and taking the birth control shots. It is important that you talk to your doctor before using these methods. Also the effectiveness of these shots can only be gained when subsequent shots are taken within three months.

Caring for all these while taking these shots will not only help avoid unwanted pregnancy but also help you in avoiding Birth control side effects. So talk to your doctor and start using birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


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