Finding The Right Eyewear

Nobody wants to need glasses, granted, but I think we can all agree that kids and teens have it way worse. Kids that wear glasses can get made fun of or outright bullied for their glasses. It can be a big challenge for a kid just getting used to glasses. It can also therefore be a big parenting challenge, but you and your kids can work together to get through it. Here are some tips to help your kids adjust to wearing glasses.

Help your child find the frames that best express their personalities. It’s a small detail to some, but the frames of glasses are the only matter of choice available to glasses wearers. For kids, especially, it can help them get comfortable with their new glasses. I remember when I was a kid, I got red frames, because red was my favorite color, and I loved those glasses. This little detail can be a big one to some, especially to kids.

Another important way you can help your kids adjust to wearing glasses is to simply tell them it’s okay to wear them. Like I said before, kids can be mean to other kids who wear glasses. Names like “four eyes” may not phase an adult, but to a kid, those words can really hurt, so make sure to let them know it’s okay and comfort them if someone hurts their feelings.

Lastly, when it comes to teenagers, another option is available in the form of contact lenses. They’re not appropriate for children, as they can be a hassle to put in and a kid could hurt him or herself, but a teenager can benefit for a glasses free form of vision correction. It can make them feel confident in a way glasses never could. So, consider contact lenses for your teenagers. 1800Contacts can help you get your contact lenses at an affordable price to help your teenager free themselves of their glasses.


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