Goji Berry Juice

In Asia, goji berries are renowned for their medicinal and nutritional properties. They are also known as wolfberries. For over two millennia, they have been used by Chinese healers and doctors. It is thought that for over four thousand years, the goji berry has been used to improve nutrition and health.

goji berries

A goji berry can range in color from a bright orange to a deep red. You can commonly find goji berry products like goji berry juice, goji berry tea, and dried goji berries in an online health store Australia.

You can get many different health benefits from drinking goji berry juice. The juice is squeezed from fresh goji berries, which you can find fresh if there are in Asian markets in your area. They are found throughout America, Europe, and Asia. If you make your own goji berry juice the juice will appear orange but if you buy it already made it is darker and has a prune-like flavor. The reason it has this flavor is that the manufactures are masking the strange flavor of goji juice by adding some type of sweetener to it or apple juice.

Some of the health benefits of drinking the juice made from goji berries Australia include:

  • Reducing aging symptoms—in goji berries there is a unique content called polysaccharide, which is the form in which most natural carbohydrates occur. It helps to stimulate your pituitary glands to secrete an increase amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is also known as youth hormone. This hormone has the ability to reverse or slow down some of the symptoms of aging. It also helps decrease your body fat, restores libido, improves your memory, and helps to accelerate healing. The antioxidants found in the berries also destroy free radicals so the goji berries are allies in fighting cancer and aging.
  • Improves your immune system response—the hormone that helps to slow down aging also balances and enhances the activities of all support inflammatory processes and immune cells. It is though that the berries have the ability to control and command your body’s defense system.
  • Brightens the spirit and alleviates stress—the berries are thought to energize your body, which in turn will help you cope with physical and mental stress.
  • Protects your DNA—your DNA contains the genetic instructions for all of your traits inherited from your ancestors. When these molecules are exposed to free radicals, chemicals, pollution, etc they become damaged and produce genetic mutations and cancer. Sometimes it causes death. In goji berries there are betaine and polysaccharides that help to repair and restore DNA that is damaged.

Goji berry juice can also help to combat fatigue, improve heath and kidney function and helps improve digestion.


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