Stem cell procedures in orthopedics

Of all types of cells, stem cells offer an excessive potential for the promotion of the healing process, an essential factor in the regenerative medicine practice. Described as the “process of restoring, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to establish normal function again,” regenerative medicine revitalizes the body to be able to repair itself, thus prompting the restoration of organs and tissues that would otherwise be damaged forever. The human body is made for self-healing, and the latest amnion injection technologies will enhance that natural power.

Stem Cells in Dallas, in the form of Amnion injections, are obtained from amniotic fluid and the amniotic membrane. It is necessary to infer that these stem cells are derived from the process of amniocentesis that does not injure human embryos.

Natural regenerative medicine for orthopedic practices in Northern Texas has taken great pace in recent times, especially with the onset of Stem Cell Therapy in Dallas. Stem Cells are specialized in their ability to help heal without any need for intruding painful surgery. For all the research concerning the prospects for stem cell therapy in handling different conditions is underway, it has already been thought of especially beneficial to the field of orthopedics. Stem Cell Therapy in Dallas, beyond any doubt, offers innumerable benefits over traditional surgeries.

Stem Cell Therapy in Dallas is one of the options favored by top orthopedic surgeons in Texas to promote healing and prevent complications.

Stem cell therapy for elbow:

Tennis elbow, in reality, is called ‘lateral epicondylitis,’ which goes by that the bump on the outside of one’s elbow, exactly where the muscle tendons extending one’s fingers and wrist are linked, is riled with small tendon tears.

There are various conventional treatment options for tennis elbow condition like Steroid shots, Tennis elbow surgery, platelet-rich plasma injections, et al. As surgery is not the default option for every kind of a tennis elbow situation as with the operation also quickly becoming a thing of the past, patients are customarily prescribed a physical therapy or any other prescription of NSAIDs like Celebrex, Mobic, etc. Only when the above options fail to work, a patient is offered a steroid shot which is a potent anti-inflammatory that can kill off even healthy tendon cells thus causing the tendon to weaken in the long run. However, it is the platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections that have become one of the recommended and most popular treatments for treating the elbow condition.

When compared to steroid injections, PRP was far more effective. Thus, PRP injections have become the go-to option compared to steroid injections and surgery as it is a new procedure that uses the healing power of one’s own body. Post-injection, the new focused stem cells will begin to repair the damaged areas in the elbow. Healing time for stem cell patients will vary as is significantly lesser than those who undergo elbow surgery whereas stem cell therapy for elbow patients have a better chance of reclaiming complete elbow functionality.


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