A Guide to Summer Engagement Photos in Houston

Summer engagement photos in Houston is one of the most popular times of the year when it comes to taking engagement photos. Just like any other season, summer season could be challenging. Beautiful spots may be highly populated, the weather too warm and humid, and couples grow tired faster with the sun.

Highlighted below are some tips and tricks when taking summer engagement photos and everything you should know before deciding to take summer engagement photos.

What to Wear

Selecting outfits for engagement photos in general could be difficult and challenging. When it comes to choosing what to wear for your summer Houston engagement photos, these are questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is this flattering?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Do I feel like it is me?
  • Will it do well in humidity?

A-line flowy dresses are perfect for this type of weather and just look fun and flattering in general. It is great to move around in and won’t be uncomfortable for the time you will be taking photos.

Color-wise, neutrals and softer colors are strongly preferred with engagement photos. Select neutral colors, light pinks, soft blues; they tend to just look best.

For the groom, dress up a bit with nice jeans and a suit jacket. The colors gray and navy look best and pair well with the bride’s soft colors.

The Advantages and disadvantaged of Summer Engagement Photos

Summer engagement photos come with advantages and disadvantages like every other season. Depending on what you want, summer can be the perfect time to take your Houston engagement photos.


Flowers are blooming in vibrant colors all around.

Greenery is vivid and provides a great backdrop.

Great weather and sunny skies.

Lighting is good and offers a flexible time to take photos.


It can often be very hot and tiring



Increase in traffic in more popular areas

Trust Your Photographer

It can be hard to imagine what your photos will be like when you give full control to your Houston engagement photographer. However, believing that your Photographer can create artistic memories of you and your partner will give them the opportunity to really do their magic.

Engagement photographers are trained specifically for these moments and know what they are doing. Don’t fret about if the pose feels weird, or if they bring you to a place you’ve never been before. Go with the flow and have fun with it all. That’s where the best photos emerge from.

Do Something Daring

You only do engagement photos once, so you might as well make them memorable. Try something new to make your photos outstanding and unique such as jump in a fountain and get wet, or run into the ocean. There are many spots for beautiful and unique shots in Boston, so be sure to ask your photographer for recommendations for something a little different.

Hire a Makeup Artist

These photos are all about you and your partner so you might as well look your best. It is also a good time to test out your wedding makeup artist and make sure you like how they do your makeup. They also know how to make it so your makeup stays for the entirety of the shoot without sweating off or bleeding. Its little details like these that make the engagement photos even more gorgeous.

Bring a Second Outfit

Ideally, clients have a spare outfit with them to change into for more variety. If you wore a dress and formal suit for the first half of the session, have a sundress or blouse and jeans for a casual aesthetic. It will not only give a different type of look for a photo, but allow you to get shots you may not have been able to get in formalwear.

Smile and Relax

Engagement sessions are meant to be fun. No matter the heat or humidity, you are hanging out with your best friend and making memories. Nothing can beat that. So don’t be worried, and allow your photographer to worry about that stuff. Your job is to just enjoy yourself.


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