Know all about Sodalite and How to Cleanse It

Sodalite is a cubic crystal system part with a waxy lustre. It belongs to the sodalite group with other stones such as hauyne and lazurite. It has an opaque transparency and is available in colours of royal blue and purple with white calcite.

Healing Crystal- Sodalite

The blue gemstone has a tinge of mineral and magic. It is nothing like your usual semi-precious stone, but something more unique and ripe. It come decked with fresh and amazing healing vibes. Because of its heady dark blue colour, sometimes it is mistaken for a Lapis Lazuli piece. Sodalite gets its names from the Ancient Greek which means salt stone.

The beautiful blue mineral is a new discovery and is found in selected areas. Sodalite is a stone which enhances your survival instinct but not in a fear-based manner. It is a stone which makes you tap into your strong instincts and to make a balance between head and heart so that you can live in sync with your real self. If you want to live creative aligned life, Sodalite will enhance your imagination and boost your artful expression.

Tips to cleanse sodalite stones

It is important to keep sodalite stone tidy and clear so that it transmutes the best of its energy to you. If you want to get the maximum of its healing, then cleansing sodalite is important.

Sodalite can get cloudy in colour which is a good hint to cleanse and recharge it.

Sodalite also reacts well with sunlight and moon light. The sun and the moon are the yin and yang energy which offer sodalite with amazing balance. The moon cleanses sodalite with its latent power and the son offers great charging energy to it.

Apart from this, the other things used to cleanse sodalite are smoke, meditation, rice, sound and energy. However, you shouldn’t ever use water or salt to cleanse it.

When should you cleanse sodalite?

Well, if you wear sodalite in your jewellery, then you should cleanse it once in a month. However, if it is at your home, then you need lower maintenance and you can cleanse it seasonally.

Sodalite is a stone of pure positivity and it absorbs all negative energy around you. So, make sure you follow the cleansing routine rigidly to get a heady dose of calmness and stability. If you want a shot of creativity in your mind, then Sodalite is the stone for you.


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