Important things you should know about Swimming Classes for Kids

If you plan to make your kids attend Singapore swimming lessons, here is some information that every parent should know to benefit their kids. Like anything else, kids’ swimming classes are made to educate kids about swimming. It doesn’t involve anything too different. However, what’s important here is to find the right school and suitable swimming classes. Here are a few things to consider before starting Singapore swimming lessons.

  • When to begin the lessons?

If your kid is just 6 months old, you should set your goals on what your kid will achieve if they begin swimming at this age. The kids of 2.5 years have fun while swimming, and they can learn to get comfortable in the water. If you are interested in making your kid learn full-fledged swimming, then 4 years is the right age. The kids of this age can take proper swimming lessons and understand this. They can practice drills and learn the basics of kicking, arm activity, breathing lessons, and more.

  • What type of environment is there?

The environment where your child learns is essential. Schools offer a controlled environment for the kids. However, you may not have a controlled environment in a public pool and some unwanted things like noise, crowd, or bad weather.

If you want your kid to start somewhere quiet and calm, you can choose an indoor swimming pool. It will help your kid learn swimming lessons without any obstructions.

  • What is the coach student ratio?

Another point to consider when choosing swimming classes for your kid is the coach student ratio. The more kids a coach has in their class, the less personal attention they will be able to give to every child. It is recommended that the maximum number of students in a swimming class should be 5.

  • How is the coach?

Regardless of what certification and experience the instructor has if they can’t teach kids engagingly and enjoyably, the kid will never be interested in the class. The coach should understand the personality of the kid and teach them accordingly.

  • Do they have trial classes?

You cannot just rely on a swimming school and sign up. You should ask if they offer trial lessons. This will help you know how your child responds to the classes and if the lessons and coach are a good fit for them.

With these tips in mind, you can pick the best Singapore swimming classes for your child.


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