Tips for Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Once you are done with the installation of fresh and gorgeous laminate flooring, it is easy to sit back and relax so much to the extent of forgetting that maintenance is your responsibility. Everything will look good for the first many days until there is a spill of some wine or tea in the floor leaving an ugly stain. Most homeowners have no idea how they can keep their laminate flooring looking in tip top shape but most importantly how they can protect it from scratches and scrapes they may appear over the course of time especially in a busy home and that which has children and pets.

Tips for Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Sweep regularly: There is no doubt that laminate flooring is scratch resistant but you can be sure that any buildup of dirt, hair or any other form of debris will make the floor vulnerable to scratches; if such a buildup is allowed to develop or the ground into the floor by feet and shoes. You want to make sure that your laminate flooring is swept dry using a dust mop across the floor every so often so as to gather any dirt or debris. You must avoid using the standard floor brush because its stiff bristles can accidentally and scratch the floor.

Clean spills immediately: Don’t allow any form of liquid including water to remain sitting on your laminate flooring even for the shortest time period; you should always have a sponge or cloth ready to cleanup any spills instantly. When liquids are allowed to sit on laminate flooring they can easily create a stain and also damage the protective layer of your laminate. Use a dry cloth to soak up an excess liquid and dampen the cloth before you can clean out the spillage. Avoid leaving the water to dry after it has been cleaned, use a dry cloth or a towel to gently dry the laminate flooring.

Don’t scrub the floor: Remember also that you cannot use a wire brush or a brillo pad to scrum the floor. While you may be able to get rid of the stain or whatever mess you are trying to clean up, the aftermath will be an unsightly scratch left behind on your laminate flooring. Always wipe the floor gently using a cleaning pad or soft cloth; don’t use anything on laminate flooring that cannot use to clean your favorite plates.

Use a Vinegar Solution: Any time you realize that you have some mud caked into your laminate flooring or any other mess that won’t come out easily or when the floor looks dull, the solution is to wipe the floor using a vinegar based solution. Once you have learned to get the mix correctly, you can use it to wipe off just about everything from laminate flooring but be careful not to allow it sit on the floor for any extended period of time.


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