When to Call an Electrician

Yes, it can be expensive to hire an electrician but if the homeowner does not have the experience trying to repair your electrical problem can be dangerous, causing possible burns, severe electrical shock, and lethal electrocution.  It can also cause other electrical problems and more expenses in the end like circuit shorts, problems with appliances, etc.   Although some homeowners do not like to hear this but sometimes it is best to put safety first and money second when it comes to dealing with electrical problems.


Some of the common wiring projects that you should hire a Ventura County local electrician to fix can include:

  • Thermostat—if your cooling or heating system has something go wrong with it the problem could be the wiring in your thermostat. You can take the thermostat off your wall to look at the wiring but not try to fix it yourself.  Call the electricians in Ventura County to come check it out.  When looking at the wiring it can look safe but if you begin to mess with the wires and rearrange any connections, you could accidentally destroy your system so this is why it is important to let an electrician deal with it.  Although it t is mostly control wiring it could have high voltage wiring among the wires that can burn or kill you.
  • Ceiling fan—this can be a do-it-yourself project if you use the correct safety precautions. The proper research should be able to give you all the information on how to fix the ceiling fan including the proper wiring function and colors.  There are typical colors but there are exceptions.  You do not want to mix up the wires and suddenly have your ceiling fan motor running on the dimmer switch that is made for a light fixture, causing the fan motor to start humming.  It is best if you have an electrician San Bernardino do this job.  The electrician can also wire it so you can control the lights and fan separately by putting in another wall switch.
  • Hot tub—there are many people who are in a hurry to use their hot tub that they attempt to install the hot tub wiring. It is a very complicated wiring project so it is best if an electrician does the installation.  In some states it is a requirement that the installation of the hot tub be done by an electrician that is certified.
  • Phone—the phone company use to deal with both interior and exterior wiring but not now. The interior wiring is up to the homeowner so if they do not feel comfortable doing the wiring they can hire a Ventura County electrician to do the project.


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